Tips To Be A Better Property manager In Long Beach California

Being a good property manager isn’t just about making a lot of money. It’s about keeping reliable tenants in your properties long term. It’s about having tenants queuing up to move into one of your vacant properties and it’s about treating your tenants with the respect that you expect from them. If you can already see yourself in the words above then this article may do little to make you a better property manager, but even if this is so it’s still worth a read. Here are the tips to be a better property manager in Long Beach California.

1. Insist on a written tenancy agreement and a written property inventory.

It’s amazing the number of property managers in Long Beach California that rent properties out to complete strangers without putting a tenancy agreement in place first. As a property manager, even if you intend to rent your property out to family or friends, it is in your best interests to have a legal tenancy agreement in place before any new tenant moves in. Property management in Long Beach Ca can be made much simpler and save you from many headaches if a proper tenancy agreement is written out. Not only does a tenancy agreement state the obvious about the tenancy e.g. rental amount, date the tenancy started, names of the tenants etc. it also lets both you and your tenant know exactly what is expected of you, and what will happen if the terms of the tenancy are broken.

Long Beach Property Managers should be detail oriented

2. Know the property manager law.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re seen as a good property manager is to know the rules and regulations with regards to rental properties. This doesn’t just mean the health and safety laws, the gas appliance check laws and the property maintenance laws, it also means knowing the tenant eviction laws. If you can confidently talk to your tenants or your potential tenants about the eviction process, should you need to, and you can explain the health and safety laws that apply to rental properties, again should you need to, your tenants will have respect for you as a property manager and will be much more likely to stay long term.

3. Deal with problems ASAP.

Tenant problems are one of the worst parts of being a property manager but you’ll rarely get through a tenancy without encountering at least a few. More often than not it will be a problem with the property and although easily fixed these problems often come at a financial cost. As a good property manager though you’ll obviously fix the problem, and the quicker you do it the more professional and competent you look to your tenants. Putting off repair work or the replacement of broken or worn out fixtures and fittings may save you money but it won’t keep your tenants happy…and the last thing you want is to be labelled a rogue property manager.

4. Make yourself visible

This is probably the easiest way to become a better property manager in Long Beach California, and it only takes a few hours a month to achieve. Add a condition into your tenancy agreement that allows you to visit your tenants in the property at a specific time and on a specific date each month. During your monthly visit you can check the condition of the fixtures and fittings, ask about any problems and explain any problems you may have with your tenants. Making yourself visible once a month allows you to keep in touch with your tenants even when there aren’t any problems.